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The Rowing Club


Welcome to the Ullapool Coastal Rowing Club

Ullapool Coastal Rowing Club gives you the opportunity to row the exciting St Ayles Skiff as a way of keeping fit, having fun, and participating in the sport of coastal rowing.
In May 2010 a small syndicate of builders, guided, instructed and directed by Topher Dawson who started the whole thing, launched the village’s first St Ayles Skiff ‘Ulla’ and so became part of the Scottish coastal rowing phenomenon and joined with communities throughout Scotland who celebrate a common seafaring tradition and today share a lively competitive spirit.
The common bond is the wonderful St Ayles Skiff designed by renowned small boat designer Iain Oughtred. Based on the Fair Isle Skiff, the design is a modern interpretation of a traditional boat for Northern waters. Built from a plywood kit glued together with modern adhesives she is a lightweight, watertight and easily maintained craft, which has displayed remarkable seaworthiness.
Formally constituted in March 2011 the Club has, currently, around 54 members who enjoy rowing at various levels of competitiveness. The boat remains in the ownership of the few surviving members of the original build syndicate but is used and maintained by the Ullapool Coastal Rowing Club.
 The Club competes in Scottish Coastal Rowing Regattas around Scotland’s coast.
If you would like to try out Coastal Rowing for yourself you will be very welcome at one of our regular evening or weekend sessions. See our rowing calendar for up to date details of our programme. We have social rowing sessions as well as more energetic race training. We do not have a ‘closed’ season and keep rowing throughout the winter when conditions are suitable.
Members can access various club documents minutes etc. from the password protected members page
Our membership application form which includes detail of our current subscription rate and health declaration can be downloaded from the following links.
Membership Form as word file

Membership form as pdf

2 Comments on “The Rowing Club”

  1. Philip Godding says:

    Good morning
    I am wondering if you could give me a little guidance regarding the sacrificial strake you fitted to your keel? I am part of the build steam for the Kinghorn Coastal Rowing Club and we are rapidly approaching that stage of the build.
    What material did you use e.g stainless steel, MDFE, aluminium. In addition, where was it sourced.

    Thank you and regards

    Philip Godding


  2. FIONA says:

    I’ve sent you an e-mail Philip.


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