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Notice of Race – 2014

Ullapool Coastal Rowing Club – 2014 Regatta
11th, 12th & 13th July. Ullapool Harbour, Lochbroom

Notice of Race

Race course

Races will be held over a course of 2km on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th July. Start and finish will be from individual marks on a line running out from the beach. Crews will then race across the loch to their own turning buoy, where they will turn 180 degrees before racing back to the start finish line. Each boat will be in an unmarked lane between their start mark and their turn mark, and must as far as possible stay in that lane.
Turn marks will be 30m apart and this involves very tight turns. Crews are advised to practice 180 degree turns with marks at this spacing. The best technique seems to be to apply full starboard rudder and hold back with starboard oars about 4m before the mark, and aim to hit the mark with the bow oar about a foot out from the gunwale. It will fold over and lie under the oars. Port oars continue to row the boat around the mark and when the turn is complete the starboard oars take up again to get the boat up to speed.
The mark needs to be rounded by the hull and rudder, but there is no penalty for hitting it.
Crews approaching their turn must give way to crews coming out of their turn. This is set out in the rules of racing.

Races attracting more than 14 entries will be split in two groups and given a staggered start. The fastest 14 will compete in the final.

Categories will be as follows

Under 19 – Men, Women, Mixed
Open – Men, Women, Mixed
Over 40 years – Men, Women, Mixed
Over 50 years – Men, Women, Mixed
Over 60 years – Men, Women, Mixed

Sprint Race

A sprint time trial will run on the evening of Friday 11th at 19:00, entry to be made on the day. The course is approximately 250 metres long, from The Wee Pier to the Inner Harbour, parallel with Shore Street. Entries will be accepted from composite crews.

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