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1,230 miles and 28 km

Easy does it.

Easy does it.

Working to a plan masterminded by Topher, Cul Mor and Ulla have been loaded in preparation for the long trip to Cork.

With the help of Ullapool Harbour Trust, the skiffs were lifted onto the trailer and secured by two heavyweight straps, all ready to be towed to Ireland by Kathryn and Paul’s campervan. Cul Mor will be transported on her trolley on the bottom, with Ulla nesting on top, cushioned by a cradle designed and made by Topher.

Cradle designed by Topher

Cradle designed by Topher.

During a trial run around Ullapool a few weeks ago, the boats were deliberately tilted at 45 degree angles to make sure all was safe. The test was successful, with no movement and the boats remaining secure.

Kathryn and Paul will begin their journey on Wednesday morning with a leisurely drive south via Glasgow, before stopping overnight at Cairnryan, near Stranraer. On Thursday morning, they will catch the first ferry to Belfast, then drive south through Ireland for an estimated six hours before arriving in Cork late afternoon.

The boats will be unloaded on Friday ready for the 28km Ocean to City Race on Saturday morning.

The rest of the crew members are flying over, so as well as transporting the boats, Kathryn and Paul will be taking all the extra kit and luggage.

After the race, Ulla and Cul Mor will be craned out of the water at the finish line in Cork, and loaded onto the trailer ready for the return trip home. Kathryn and Paul will be enjoying Sunday sightseeing in Cork before coming back via the same route on Monday. Arrival back in Ullapool is expected late Tuesday afternoon.

The distance for the round trip will be 1,230 miles which does not include the 28km the teams will be rowing in Cork.

Good luck to The Corkers and Pink Fizzers in Cork, both with the race and drinking the bar dry afterwards.

Steady now

Steady now.

Great fit

Great fit.


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  1. Leonard Lawson says:

    Good you will be very welcome. Good luck safe journey.

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