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Dubious emails

Yesterday the following email was received by one of our members purporting to be from the ‘Ulllapool Coastal Rowing Club’. If you have received something similar appearing to originate from us we would like to assure you we didn’t send it.

The link goes to a website marketing a new wonder slimming product involving Raspberry Ketones – given the number of popup windows and difficulty in closing the page down it feels dangerous, interesting comment on these selling techniques can be found here – of course sending details of weight loss miracles to our members is a complete waste of time, we already have the best fitness and weight loss programme available!!

From: Ullapool Coastal Rowing Club []
Sent: 23 October 2012 18:12
To: xxxxxxxx
Subject: Hey xxxx


We would be interested in knowing if this is a one-off or one of many – please let us know via the ‘comment’ facility. All active links in the email have been disabled in this post.

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2 Comments on “Dubious emails”

  1. doryman says:

    I didn’t receive this email directly, but I do get notifications of your posts to this website in my inbox and the links were live there. Didn’t try them out, though ;-)


  2. Paul says:

    looks like a new spam, one of my email friends reported getting the following link, apparently from me. Note the slight difference in the url: Colin and Kevin, eh? suspiciously English names both.


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