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Saluting the 'Wylde Swan' on her departure on the small isles cruise.

Cul Mor & Ulla Saluting the ‘Wylde Swan’ on her departure on the small isles cruise.

2014 Lochbroom Skiff Regatta Photographs

12-07-14 867

Steven Gourlay is a most excellent Ullapool based photographer who has recently been wowing the locals by showing the village from a new perspective. His aerial shots of Lochbroom and Ullapool give a seagulls eye view of village activities and he was in action at this years Regatta. It is very well worth visiting his facebook page to see some stunning shots of the start line and race action from the air. He has also secured an excellent portfolio of shots from land and sea in not particularly good conditions (the quality of the light on Saturday was exceedingly harsh and difficult) also viewable on facebook. For those interested in the how a couple of shots of the aerial machine and operator.

Steve Gourlay's Aerial Photographic Machine

Steve Gourlay’s Aerial Photographic Machine

12-07-14 1073

Steve Gourlay virtual flying








Steve in more conventional action

Steve in more conventional action

The UCRC snaps, such as they are, are on Flickr – if fellow skiffies wish borrow and  post these elsewhere they are welcome to do so but it would be a friendly gesture to observe the normal courtesies.

and whilst we’re mentioning Gigs

The rather sad strips of camping roll that have served as seat cushions have now been replaced by some rather snazzy bespoke cushions from supplier to Cornish gigs, Gigass. The level of service provided has been superb, they took the trouble to research this website to add little touches like ‘Ulla’s’ name in the correct font and to make sure they were in the club colours. such has been the rowers delight in the new level of comfort achieved that a set will be ordered for Cul Mor.

Seats Ulla

Ready to leave Cornwall for Ullapool


12-07-14 1096

Fitted and receiving hard use


Avast me Hearties

12-07-14 722

Cox’n John D Redlocks and his Motley Crew

12-07-14 739 12-07-14 740 12-07-14 747 12-07-14 765

and to show that they are not just pretty faces here is what they were doing seconds before


Skiff & Gig World champions clash blades

In an unexpected treat for Ullapool Skiff Regatta goers Falmouth Pilot Gig Club, current World Champions (Mens & Womens), and Coigach Community Rowing Club, current Skiffie World Champions, were seen going head to head in the same race. ‘Energy’, the 1985 launched Pilot Gig enjoyed a leisurely row across Loch Broom steadily increasing her lead over ‘Coigach Lass’. Granted the Pilot Gig has an advantage in waterline length and 50% more oar power as well as quite a few more years in developing technique. A real pleasure seeing the two types of coastal rowing craft on the water together – our grateful thanks to Falmouth for traveling the length of the United Kingdom to give us this treat. (in fairness ‘Energy’ were not formally part of the race but luck of the Skiffies lane draw had resulted in Coigach Lass on the outside lane next to uncontested water where the Gig rowed)

Energy at rest on the beach in Sunny Ullapool

Energy at rest on the beach in Sunny Ullapool

Energy moving out to the start line

Energy moving out to the start line

The Start

The Start

a minute later - already a significant lead.

a minute later – already a significant lead.

After the serious business of the day – racing on the Costa del Broom – the Gig club generously took (very) interested skiffies out for Gig rowing taster sessions.

Regatta programme goes to print

After some last minute notifications of which boats are coming – we still don’t have all responses – we have had to finalise our regatta programme to give the printers a chance. If you want to print it out for yourself then the pdf file  will give a better result – print it on both sides of an A4 sheet and fold into three panels so the skiffs form the back centre panel.

prog1 prog2

Luv a Hoodie

The 2014 T Shirts and Hoodies have arrived and went on sale today – to a new design featuring a St Ayles on the shore of Loch Broom against a background of the eastern hills. The backs hint at last years SkiffieWorlds look to give a bit of continuity. In a range of bright and snazzy colours these are just the thing to brighten up a days skiffing.

Prices remain the same as last year, £25 for Adult Hoodies and £10 for the T Shirt, Kids are at £15 for the Hoodie and £5 for the T.

Unlike last year these will NOT be reordered – once they’re gone they’re gone. During the Regatta they will be available (while stocks last) at the Regatta Marquee at the west end of Shore Street, above the beach along with the usual Skiffie baking stall and Soups and other refreshment.

So to avoid disappointment be sure to buy early – if todays launch is any indicator once again these will be a popular item and a very practical souvenir of the Regatta.

05-07-14 001

The new Hoodie, other colourways are available

05-07-14 003

The T Shirt

05-07-14 007

T Shirts in myriad colours

05-07-14 004

More Hoodies

05-07-14 033

Satisfied customers, wearing them already


2014 Regatta Schedule

The Regatta Schedule has now been made available – see here.

Tides are as below

Friday 11th

06:45 High      13:08 Low      19:06 High

Saturday 12th

01:32 Low       07:32 High     13:56 Low      19:50 High

Sunday 13th

02:20 Low      08:19 High      14:49 Low


Lochbroom Skiff Regatta Lane Draw

The lane draw took place this evening, we were extremely fortunate to have the services of completely unbiased Skiffies from the other side of the world to perform this essential service – our grateful thanks go to Lorrie & Warren Harrison of Women on Water – Tasmania – visiting Ullapool again who did an excellent job. The resultant table of clubs, races and lanes may be found on the Lane Draw page in the Regatta area.

The Women on the Water team at SkiffieWorlds last year

New kid on the block

Longa Full Ullapool Skiffies are delighted to welcome a new neighboring Skiff just to the south. Gairloch Coastal Rowing Club launched their most attractive, quality built ‘Longa’ on Saturday 28th June. The ceremonial anointing after some suitable words was performed by the Lord Lieutenant for Ross, Cromarty, Skye & Lochalsh, Mrs Janet Bowen who has, for some time, taken a keen and supportive interest in the local Skiffing scene. The build team led by Hugh Macintyre are to be congratulated on a superb result, the striking livery was designed by pupils at the Gairloch High School, nicely applied by some of the lady Gairloch rowers (some of whom had not previously picked up a paint brush – they done a cracking  job) and looks very well on the water. Even the weather, always a bit of a gamble up here, co-operated by providing grand visibility with the merest of cooling zephyrs to ripple the water. Our friends from up the coast, Coigach Community Rowing, towed ‘Coigach Lass’ over the winding coast road to Gairloch to join in welcoming ‘Longa’ onto the water and a couple of red-shirted rowers from Ardesier were in evidence. Unfortunately our own ‘Ulla’ had a previous engagement at Portsoy. We do, however, eagerly anticipate the boats meeting at our own regatta in a fortnight’s time and look forward to giving ‘Longa’ a proper Ullapool welcome. For the story of the build and a grand set of launch photos visit the Gairloch Coastal Rowing Club’s Facebook.

Click on the thumbnail for the bigger picture – including the header image

The introductory speech, followed by the Lord Lieutenant for Ross, Cromarty, Skye & Lochalsh, Mrs Janet Bowen