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SkiffieWorlds – the Book

A scrapbook of snaps taken at SkiffieWorlds, 100 pages, over 300 snaps, this book reflects one individuals perspective of the event. Originally made as a one-off for a friends Christmas present a few UCRC members saw it and asked for copies to be made available, so after some minor revision ‘SkiffieWorlds – the book’ is now available to all who want something to remind them of a fantastic week. The book is available in Hard and Softback versions, both in 20cm x 25cm landscape format. The prices shown on the Blurb Shop include a small markup towards club funds, this is the same for all versions so every sale helps keep Ulla looking good to the same extent.

While we are very happy for interested parties to order direct from Blurb there may be advantages to the Club’s finances if we can place a bulk print order for local customers. Contact Fiona if you want to be part of the Club order. Please be sure to specify hard or softback.

SW book cover

You can preview 45 of the 100 pages at the Blurb site here -SkiffieWorlds book. Let us know what you think

We have arranged for an e-book version for ipad and iphone technology which can be seen here – as yet we haven’t seen the end result (the only apples in this house are for eating) so can’t vouch for it, it can be seen here – Skiffieworlds e-book - if anybody does download it we would appreciate feedback.

Coxes – you may care to switch off before taking your seat

Thanks to the Cygnet crew down under for this choice instructional video. For the time poor the interest starts at 1:04 in.




SkiffieWorlds Website

The SkiffieWorlds fleet

The SkiffieWorlds fleet


For the one or two individuals who still visit the SkiffieWorlds website each day and are missing the nostalgia trip all that’s happened is the domain URL has expired. The site did its job for the last couple of years but sadly the cost of keeping the name is no longer justified. However for anybody interested the content is still out there – just go to Most of the links to SkiffieWorlds from within this site have been updated so now work but links from any other site that have not been amended won’t.

Loch Broom Skiff Regatta – 2014

11th,12th and 13th July 2014

11-07-13 693

Planning has started for the Ullapool Coastal Rowing Club Skiff Regatta 2014. Go to the Regatta page for evolving information about the event and the official  ‘Notice of Race’Time to think about telling us you are coming – will we be blessed with ‘Worlds’ weather again?

Vote for the St Ayles Skiff

St Ayles Skiffs in action at the Ullapool 2012 Regatta - Image by John Britten

St Ayles Skiffs in action at the Ullapool 2012 Regatta – Image by John Britten of Ullapool

Classic Boat Magazine, which is usually several levels upmarket of where Skiffing probably lies, run a series of awards at the end of each year. This year some kind soul has nominated the St Ayles Skiff in the ‘Spirit of Tradition – less than 40′” category.

So Skiffies, you now have an opportunity to express your view of the outstanding little craft that Iain O and Alec J have conjured up for all to play with. Just visit  the Classic Boat awards 2014 web page and register your vote, if all involved in Skiffiedom act in concert it should be a walkover ;-). You are looking for Category 4.

The January 2014 issue, which has just dropped through the letterbox, has a brief write up on p36  with a cracking snap from the Ullapool 2012 Regatta – possibly taken by Ullapool’s own John Britten. Compare the image above by John with the mag. It would have been nice to see the Photographer credited.
Unfortunately the proof reader was having an off day – a draught of 5’10″ would make Portys Surf exploits somewhat improbable.

SkiffieWorlds report in Water Craft

Kathy Mansfield, renowned maritime photo journalist, has done a drop dead gorgeous report on SkiffieWorlds in the current edition of Water Craft Magazine – on the bookstalls now.  Kathy’s report paints a vivid picture of those glorious days in July, accompanied as always by mouth-watering images.   A very pleasant reminder of a fantastic event which should be on every Skiffies coffee table – rush out and get a copy now.

This issue is also notable for the first appearance of a St Ayles as the cover shot – in this case a superb capture by local master lensman, Steven Gourlay, of the Mens Open contingent of the Skiff World Champions, Coigach, storming home to a well deserved victory.

More of Kathy Mansfield’s super shots can be seen and enjoyed on  her site

And to wash the cake down . . . ..

The Ulla Booze Crooze.

17-08-13 014

Since the end of the Worlds the Ullapool ‘A’ Team, finding they now had lots of spare time on their hands, have made a few alterations to ‘Ulla’, the most important of which is the provision of on board drink holders. The revamped Ulla was launched this evening on an unsuspecting Ullapool public.  The usual Saturday evening crowd of colorful local characters were in evidence as Ulla staggered her way round the local hostelries – this was one launching where correct baptismal process was well and truly followed.  As can be glimpsed from the snaps below a very important person once again graced one of UCRCs happenings. As a point of safety we would not normally  condone undertaking a row this demanding without lifejackets – however in this instance the crew are fully trained and well experienced in the relevant procedures in the event of an inadvertent capsize.

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Post Event note:-

Our undercover reporter (to preserve anonymity we will simply call him John) advises that the Golden Gals once again triumphed in taking the prize for best modified Skiff when the awards were announced – Well done to them.


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